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canada migrations plan

Canada plans to accept approximately 400,000 immigrants each year by 2021, an unprecedented number in recent years. The announcement of the Canadian Immigration Service about the Canadian Immigration Plan 2021-2023 was announced to the Canadian Parliament for the acceptance of immigration applicants to Canada. Over the next three years, the Immigration Canada has developed a […]

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On average, Canadians buy their first home at age 36. According to a recent study by the British site the average age of Canadians purchasing their first home is around 36 years old. The survey, which looked at home buyers in 25 countries, shows that the average income in Canada is $ 70,000, with […]

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The University of Toronto

The University of Toronto (U of T) ranks first in North America among public universities in latest graduate employability ranking. The University of Toronto ranked eighth in the world for the employability of its graduates in the latest Times Higher Education Global University Employability Ranking. That’s up seven spots from last year. That’s up seven […]

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